4.0 out of 5 stars Final book in De Blasis’ Swan Trilogy

A Season of Swans begins in 1870 and the focus of the story shifts from Alex and Rane Falconer to their granddaughter Gincie and her husband Travis Culhane and their three children. Now happily settled in California, a surprise return from Gincie’s past leads her to a drastic move that has unexpected consequences and the Culhane family must leave California and return to the family’s farm in Maryland, Wild Swan. Eventually the couple learns to overcome their problems resettling and the aging Alex and Rane turn over the running of the farm and the raising of the Thoroughbreds to the Culhanes. The story then shifts to that of their three children as they reach adulthood and settle into careers of their own.

There’s a whole lot more to the story than that but it’s really hard to put it all into words without writing a book report so I’ll skip that. What De Blasis excels at is putting her characters into the events and politics of the day, which provides a highly entertaining way to retell the nation’s history. From a Klan raid in the old south, to the events following Little Big Horn, to labor riots in Chicago and more as the author weaves her characters in to real events from our nation’s history. My only complaint is that this book is a bit too long and should have finished it up about 200 pages sooner. After three books there’s just one too many coming back from the edge of death recovery leading to another overly happy marriage that it got a bit old after a while, and a little too busy. Four stars. The first two books in the series (in order),

Wild Swan
Swan’s Chance