4.0 out of 5 stars A good follow up to Wild Swan

Swan’s Chance begins in 1836 and takes up the story of the Alex and Rane Falconer where Wild Swan left off, as the Falconer family continues to expand their line of Thoroughbred Horses at their farm Wild Swan, along with Rane’s ship building enterprise. Their children grow to adulthood, marry and have children of their own as the tensions between the North and South heat up over the issue of slavery. Alex’s beloved granddaughter Gincey works with the Underground Railway and during a mission gone awry meets Virginian Travis Culhane (sparks fly of course). The remainder of the book details the lives of the Falconer family are entwined with the horrors of the Civil War and it’s aftermath.

All in all a very entertaining read, although I did find some slow spots -especially when the author was recounting the historical events of the Civil War. It was more like being told than being shown, although I don’t see how she could have done otherwise without making it into a book as cumbersome as House Divided, and that’s the last thing I want to attempt again (only made it as far as 700 out of 1400 pages, should have been book divided).

If you’re looking for an action packed, racy page turning read this probably isn’t the book for you, but if you do enjoy a well told story spanning multiple generations in a solid historical setting this series is worth checking out. As in the first book, my only minor quibbles are that unless you are a “horsy” person (which I’m not) there are some spots that become a bit slow (but you can skip them) and some of the sex scenes, while not gratuitous, were a bit…well…ahem….just a tad too detailed for my tastes. If it had been a “true” bodice ripper than I wouldn’t have minded, but eventually enough is enough and I would not recommend this series for younger readers because of that. Otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and am looking forward the completion of the trilogy as the Falconer family and the nation begins the healing process in A Season of Swans.