“Nothing ever happens to me…”.  As Camilla Haven sits in a cafe in Athens and writes those very words in a letter to her sister, she has no idea the twists and turns her life is soon going to take. A strange man comes and gives her the keys to a rental car, telling her she must take it to Monsieur Simon in Delphi right away – a matter of life and death. Since she had wanted to go to Delphi and no one comes to claim the car Camilla decides on a lark to take the car and go and she soon finds herself mixed up in a mystery involving Simon Lester. Simon has come to visit the scene where his brother was murdered during WWII, and to discover the secret behind his death that has laid buried under the rubble of an earthquake.

And that is all I’m going to tell you. In true Stewart fashion, Camilla and Simon’s story take many twists and turns along with the prerequisite nail biting life and death conclusion. While plot wise I didn’t enjoy this quite as much as Moonspinners (things got a bit slow in the middle), I very much enjoyed Stewarts magical descriptions of the Greek countryside, and most especially the ruins at Delphi. Wow, just wow, I was all over the net looking for pictures and seriously considered booking a trip to see for myself. Nobody but nobody in this genre does it better, it’s just like being there.