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Young Catherine Howard is brought to Court by the scheming Howard family to catch the roving eye of Henry VIII. Henry determines to dump current wife Anne of Cleves and marry the beauteous Catherine – although Catherine has a few secrets from her past that soon come back to haunt her. Desperate to give Henry the son he desires and thus secure her tenuous position at Court, Catherine takes drastic measures – aided by Jane Rochfort, widow of Anne Boleyn’s brother George.

This is all pretty much known history and as the historical market is pretty much inundated with anything and everything Tudor so I needn’t rehash it much more. Very easy, pleasant reading and perfect for the YA Reader, but if you’re looking for a big meaty read and/or some new aspect to Catherine’s story you won’t find it here. I do give BIG thumbs up to the author for pointing out in her notes that the twist she took in Catherine’s story had no basis in fact. There have been a few recent historical novels whose authors made up nonsense with no basis in historical fact just for the sake of a sensationalized story – although they kind of forgot to point that out to their readers in their notes. 4/5 stars.