One of my friends at Goodreads received this book by mistake and since the library had a copy we decided to do a buddy read just for fun. I know, I know the cover should have been a huge clue, although I’ve found many a great read with a cover that screams bodice ripper so I was willing to give it a shot. Big mistake, although Bettie was much smarter than I and sent it flying before the bitter end. I was dumb enough to finish it and all I can is is that this is a verra verra bad book and I doona recommend it. That is, unless you like a silly plot along with very bad sex all wrapped up in a faux historical setting. Granted, there are readers who enjoy that type of book and while I’m not knocking them I am definitely not one of them. You are not going to get your Jamie and Claire fix here, although September upon us and the long wait for An Echo in the Bone will soon be over. Yay!

This is pretty much your basic Highland romance – Laird MacKay wishing to end a decades long feud gives his daughter Gillian in marriage to the Laird of the rival MacKenna clan. Gillian is as fiery and spirited as her red mane of hair and hates her husband Ross on sight, despite the overwhelming sexual attraction between the two. Of course there are the evil bad guys (and gal) who want to keep them apart for their own nefarious purposes and well, that’s pretty much it. Gee, how original, and I have to tell you it was verra verra hard not to send the book flying every time I heard about Gillian’s flame red hair (six times in the first 20 some pages), let alone the “flame” images from Gillian’s spirit from the wise woman. Despite an effort to make the setting seem authentic with the dialogue, clothing and customs, things just didn’t always ring true. Tossing Gillian out on her ear to return to “Da” in the middle of winter with no escort? Telling her husband to “leave off”? Potatoes in 1415? Oy veh.

But worst of all, as mentioned at the top, was the OTT sex scenes in minute, embarrassing, and oh so disgusting detail. Just picture lots of oral sex and sucking tongues leaving nothing to the imagination. So bad I can’t even bear to quote a few to poke fun at them. Skip this, I wish I had.