5.0 out of 5 stars A perfect book to snuggle up to on a stormy afternoon

Page 51,”The whispering stopped. It stopped as abruptly as an engine shuts off steam. Silence dropped like a blanket, so that in a matter of seconds the memory of the sound seemed illusory, while the silence itself surged with millions of whisperings, all equally unreal. But the sense of desperation was still there, even in the silence. It was as if the stillness were a held breath, that might burst at any moment in a scream.”

Page 142,
“I turned to look back at Blaven, only to find that the mist was, indeed, rolling down the slopes behinds us like a tide of smoking lava. Blaven was already invisible, and a great wall of mist bore steadily across the glen behind us, obliterating the afternoon.”

Can that woman write or not? Seeking relief from her hectic life as a model as well as the crush for the 1953 coronation, divorcee Gianetta leaves London for a vacation at a rustic resort on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, although she’s a bit flummoxed at the surprise appearance of her ex-husband Nicholas Drury as one of the inn’s guests. Gianetta soon finds herself in the midst of a murder mystery with a dead body or two and suspects everywhere – a local girl was murdered in a ritual resembling the ancient Beltane rites.

Soon two female guests disappear while climbing Blaven – but who was the third person seen heading towards the mountain with them? Could Gianetta be marked as the next victim? Inquiring minds want to know, but I am not telling – read it for yourself. This was a fabulous fast paced read and Stewart keeps you guessing to the very end with a doozy of a nail-biting finish set amongst the swirling mists, shifting bogs and the rocky crags of the Cuillin on the Isle of Skye.  Written in the 1950’s its a bit dated in places (I just cringed every time someone tossed a cigarette but down the mountainside) but other than that another solid read from Dame Mary Stewart.

A very cool pic of Blaven and those treacherous mists can be seen here, and don’t miss looking at the rest of her work. Awesome.