Still searching for a good historical romance…….

….and that’s because I did not find it here. I have to fess up, when I read Harriet’s review wherein she gave if five stars and called it a “profound historical romance” along with the comment “never slows as William feels like he has three (his natural hardened sword) and often four (his metallic sword) legs throughout much of the plot”, I just had to go and see for myself (I do love it when Harriet gets frisky and tries to slide something by the Ammy censors).

Siobhan Fraser (an Irish name for a Scottish lass, how odd) discovers that her father has been kidnapped by the evil Pierre de la Roche who covets the hidden treasure of the Knights Templar, including the Spear of Destiny – whoever controls the spear can rule the world (raising your eyebrows in disbelief yet?). Coming to her rescue is Templar Knight Sir William Keith as the two find the hidden map to the treasure and the adventure begins. *Yawn*

I really didn’t have high expectations going into this, but I certainly didn’t expect to find such a jumbled mess of cartoon cut-out characters, including an evil baddie in the mold of Snidely Whiplash – I kept waiting for him to twirl his mustache (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

Never fear, it gets worse. Our plucky heroine is able to travel anywhere and everywhere ALONE with our hero with nary an eyebrow raised by anyone, she gets a quick lesson in swordplay and she’s able to swing the broadsword like a man, leap tall buildings with a single bound…..

Actually that’s really our hero who just like Superman can outfight any evil baddie who crosses his path, including fighting his way through forty (yes 40) armed men with nary a scratch – let alone that scene where they’re both hanging by a thread above a spike filled dungeon. Did they have spike filled dungeons in the 14C?

But to top it all off is some of the most insipid dialog I’ve come across in a while,

“We are one.”

“I never imagined it could feel so good”

“I’ve never felt like this before”

Just the kind of talk I look for to liven up a sex scene. Not. Frankly the sex scenes were pretty crappy for your standard bodice ripper romance. No chemistry there. In the end, it’s just a big fluffy piece of preposterous nonsense – imagine the Saturday morning cartoons set to a book. But never fear – there’s more coming soon as this appears to be the first in a series. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ll pass. Get it from the library if you must, I’m glad I did.