“Not in your world…..but in some borderland of buried kings and lovers”  Linnette Lewarne, married to a much older man, meets Breton Amyot by pure chance and their fates are forever sealed as they begin to relive a past that has happened time and time again through the centuries – that of Tristan and Iseult. Doctor Carfax watches from the sidelines as he puts the pieces of the puzzle together with that of the legends and ends with a race against time to stop the legend from repeating itself into tragedy once again – all culminating in a on a very foggy Cornwall All Hallows E’en. Is the good Doctor in time or not?

Well you know me, I don’t tell. Castle Dor, unfinished at the death of author Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch (“Q”), was completed by Du Maurier at the request of his daughter. A bit slow and dry at the start (I’ve not read anything from “Q” before, nor am I all that familiar with the legends of Tristan and Iseult), but a good finish, albeit not the strongest. If you’re big into the legends of T&I I’d go for it, but Du Maurier fans will probably be disappointed – the parts she contributed at the end are minimal and not her usual style. 3/5 stars.