En route to India in late 1870, Isobelle is the only survivor of a ship wreck off the coast of Africa.  Working her way inland, she eventually *hooks up* with a caravan of raiders of the worst kind. She thinks they’ll take her to safety and they plan on selling her to the highest bidder. Her one chance at escape takes her from the frying pan into the fire and she’s now the property of the Lord of the High Tigran and he carries her off to his fortress in the high Atlas Mountains where he plans to make her his mistress. Will Isobelle be able to resist the Lord and keep her virginity intact? Or will she succumb to his charms and submit?

Since this is a romance novel you can probably guess where the storyline is heading, but there are plenty of twists and turns on the path to happiness, from jealous women bent on killing Isobelle to treachery against Isobelle’s Lord from the Sejilmi tribe that all ends in a harrowing journey through the Sahara desert. Will Isobelle have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save her man? Can her Lord find her in time to save her from the fearsome Tuareg clan, the *blue men* of the desert? Or is it all just a dream……..?

While it’s not the greatest read out there and it did get a bit slow in the middle, it’s a refreshing change of scenery from all those regencies. There is some sex in the book, but quite tame by today’s standards. My only real complaint and why I knocked this down to three stars is the first person journal style narrative of the story. It’s a point of view I don’t much care for and in this case I felt a bit on the outside looking in. Out of print, but don’t forget to check your library. A pleasant, easy read perfect for a rainy weekend indoors. 3/5 stars.

It looks like this was published in the UK under the title The Diary of Isobelle and I’ve found a couple of covers for those editions,