Juliet Capelletti is the daughter of a wealthy silk merchant with penchant for poetry. Her father is preparing to wed her to the odious Jacopo Strozzi to cement their new business partnership, but first Strozzi informs Capelletti of an attack of one of his ships and he blames the Monticecco family and an old feud takes on new life. Of course Juliet meets the Monticecco heir Romeo and its love at first sight and….well…..you all know *the rest of the story*.

Sounds pretty intriguing putting a new spin on an old classic tale of two star crossed lovers, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, the writing was mediocre to downright juvenile at times and the author just did not suck me into her world. Juliet was just a tad bit too modern and independent (what well bred miss says things like “damn” and “to hell with you all”?), and frankly I didn’t pick up on much chemistry between her and Romeo, just stuff like this,

“I was last into the carriage, Romeo helping me in. My private scent, I thought, is on the hand that steadies me now.”

Dear me, and no I won’t quote from the wedding night, but it was pretty flowery. Although the worst sin of all IMHO is when authors have to reiterate how really really bad the baddies are by constantly reminding us of their yellowed teeth, smelly breath, flatulence and sweaty hands. Show, don’t tell. Don’t get me wrong, this not a bad book – it is just not a great one. Frankly, I wish I’d left well enough alone and rented myself a copy of Zeffirelli’s fabulous Romeo & Juliet. Don’t let me stop you from reading it though – everyone seems to go nuts over Maxwell’s books so its probably just me (or maybe I’m a frustrated author wannabe in disguise).

My copy courtesy of Amazon Vine.