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4.0 out of 5 stars Pleasant reading

This is bit of a take-off on the Outlander premise of a circle of “singing stones” that can transport through time, albeit these stones were removed from the circle and built into an archway of a building. Our hero and heroine meet at a clan gathering, get shoved through the archway and are transported back through time. I could never figure out what year it was, I recall Edward III being mentioned as England’s king, and King David being the son of Robert the Bruce, so my research says sometime in the 14th century.

Anyway, our hero Alex is a double for the laird’s son and heir Alesander who has been away for five years in London with the Scott king David (who was being held as a hostage by the English). So he is mistaken for the young heir, and Maggie is taken as his leman (mistress). Lots of ups and downs follow our H&H as they try to understand what’s happened, and try to find their way home without being killed for pretending to be what they’re not.

All in all very entertaining, but you do have to suspend some disbelief. I am sorry, but no man of the our times (most especially an ACCOUNTANT!!) could go back to the 14th century and pick up a sword and even have a clue to what he was doing, let alone convince his peers that he was adept at it. Also, the author wrote the story so that Alex picked up a Scottish brogue and Gaelic when they went back in time, but no one noticed Maggie’s lack of English accent, let alone that she was from New Jersey. For those and a few other discrepancies I give it 4 stars instead of 5.

Note: if you are looking for something for a younger reader, this would not be a good choice. It’s a bit of a bodice ripper, with more sexual content and descriptions than is appropriate for a young teen. I believe there is a sequel but I haven’t tried to hunt it down.