4.0 out of 5 stars A fast paced bawdy romp through 12C England

Lady Julitta is mistaken for a peasant and is accosted by a drunken “Red” Adam de Lorismond, the new lord of Brentborough. Adam takes Julitta back to his keep bent on rape, but the ever resourceful Julitta knocks him out with a stool and when he’s sober Adam marries her to assuage her damaged honor. Julitta is none too thrilled with the match, but sparks soon fly between the two as Julitta’s uncle Lord William and his cronies conspire to support young Henry in his plan to oust his father Henry II and rule England instead. Julitta also soon finds her hands full with a castle and mutinous servants allowed to run to ruin by the previous lord of Brentborough (Adam’s uncle), a thieving seneschal, invading armies of Scots, a perilous climb down ocean cliffs, a mysterious death or two and more as “Red” Adam and his lady banter their way through it all to find true love in the end.

While I very much enjoyed this book, at times it was a bit too busy and fast paced for my tastes. At times I lost track of who was who when characters from the first part of the book returned back to the story and the author didn’t provide enough background to refresh my memory, and I got lost more than once until I fell back into the groove. A cast of characters and their various names and titles would have helped quite a bit and enhanced my appreciation of the story. That said, it was a highly enjoyable romp through the 12th century and a very entertaining read. I see from the current selling price the book is quite rare, but if you are lucky as I was to find it at your library it’s worth taking the time to check this one out.