Well I finally decided to jump ship and leave Live Journal. So many things about the site were not workable for what I wanted to do, let alone the pages to post, edit, spell check took forever to load (along with the looooong wait for the commercials to end). I’ve been spending the last few days moving my reviews over to this site, as well as some from Amazon I’ve had since before blogging. I really like the category feature and you can look for a specific period/locale and click to see books I’ve reviewed – and yes I did include a wall banger category – some things never change.

I may have a duplicate review here and there (I’ve already caught two) so if you spot one please leave a comment and let me know, as well as any suggestions for making the site easier. I’m still getting used to what I can and can’t do here at WP and in that initial learning curve. I’m thinking about putting something up in the near future on Roberta Gellis’ Roselynde Chronicles and there is definitely a Wall Banger Wednesday coming your way soon 🙂

As for FTC disclosure – many of these reviews were written well before the disclosure rules went into effect and I had no desire to add extra copy and paste tasks to what I was already doing. I’ve added a book source category for the FTC man or he can come and ask me himself.  Personally I think they should be putting some effort into Harriet and her many blogs. Last I checked she’s not doing anything about it.