I got on the topic of my old Nancy Drew books with a friend over at Goodreads and whilst dragging out my two 1930 editions out for a future post I found a few other forgotten treasures, including this one. I decided to give it a reread just for fun and post a review and share the illustrations as well.

Don't go looking at the prices on Amazon

Heh, can you even imagine dressing like that for a picnic and a swim at the river? Times have changed.

The journal begins on November 22, 1913 as sixteen year old Susan moans “Nothing ever happens in Stafford” (she and her friend Carol are each beginning one as a school project). The girls live off the main road on the triangular Paradise Green somewhere in New England, and across the way lives Louis Durant and his guardians the Meadows. A mysterious Frenchman referred to as Monsieur comes to visit Louis and the girls soon find themselves involved in a bit of a mystery. Why does Monsieur treat Louis with kid gloves and reverence? Who is behind the covered paintings in Monsieur’s room? Why do Monsieur and the Meadows freak out over Louis’ love of all things mechanical – especially fixing locks?

That’s as far as I’m going, I don’t want to spoil it for you. While much of the big secret is pretty easy for today’s jaded readers to figure out, it was still fun getting there and the author does slip in a last minute surprise that you may or may not guess at. Probably a bit too tame for today’s teens, but for those adults who like to take a walk down memory lane with a light Nancy Drew-ish mystery might enjoy this. If you can find a copy reasonably priced that is, because I am not parting with mine.

I don’t know what I like more, the ladie’s haircoverings or the *Imp’s* hair ribbon. I know it looks like she’s holding a *sucker* but it’s really a candle. Don’t you wish we still had books with images in them? Just you wait though because I’m going to share some from my 1930 editions of Nancy Drew,  and if you’re very good I’ll get around to scanning some from my OZ books (and they are awesome).