Library loot is a weekly event hosted by Marg and new co-host Claire, and encourages bloggers to share books checked out from the library. This week I’ve picked up,

Wicked Company by Ciji Ware. Yes, yes, I know Sourcebooks has it coming out soon in a brand new version with a gorgeous cover but the county had the older copy so I passed. My shelves overflow as it is 😉

At a time when female writers are considered a scandal, Sophie McGann, an independent Scottish lass living in 1761 London, pens plays for David Garrick, the lengendary actor-manager of Drury Lane.

Bound by Honor, An Erotic Novel by Collette Gale. Sooo, after seeing Michele’s post on Dirty Historical Fiction this one intrigued me and since the library had it and Harriet loved it I had to see for myself.

Maid Marian, now Lady of Leaford, is sent to the court of Prince John-not to take part in the debauchery of his Court of Pleasure, but to spy on him for his mother. Little does she know that her secret mission will thrust her into a whirlwind of intrigue, terror, and carnal temptations.

Oh Dear. Stay tuned, I’ll let you know how far I get. Last, thanks for Karla’s awesome review and despite the promise of cheese and purple prose I have to give this one a shot:

Forever my Love by Rebecca Brandewyne

A gypsy’s curse fortells the forbidden passion between Mary Carmichael, daughter of the Clan chief, and her sworn enemy, Hunter MacBeth, in 15th century Scotland.

Cheesy cover or not, I’m game to try it, how about you? Anything good on your hold shelf?