4.0 out of 5 starsPublished in 1968, Marian Palmer gives her spin on the oft-told tale of Richard III but she tells it from the point of view of cousins Francis and Phillip Lovell (I believe Phillip is a fictional character). Phillip serves in Edward IV’s household, and a younger Francis is given in wardship to Warwick where he meets Edward’s younger brother Richard and as an adult faithfully served the future Richard III. This is one of those books where you either know the history and don’t need me rehashing it all over again, or if you don’t Wik can do it much better than I can – I’m just here to talk about my reading experience.

While this can be a bit dry on occasion, I did enjoy it and found it fitted nicely as my “treadmill book” and not my main read. The main historical facts seem to fit with other books I’ve read on the period, although I suspect those better versed on the period could find a few bones to pick clean.  Refreshing, as always to have a Richard who is neither good as good can be nor the evil villain as Shakespeare portrayed him. I enjoyed seeing this through the eyes of the two cousins and despite the sad ending at Bosworth Field (just once, can someone change it?), there’s a bit more to the story with a somewhat happy ending for at least one of the cousins. The story continues in The Wrong Plantagenet and whick as I understand it concerns the mystery of the two Princes and Perkin Warbeck so stay tuned. 4/5 stars.

FTC, I purchased it.