I do believe my library holds are now officially out of control. Library loot is a weekly event hosted by Marg and new co-host Claire, and encourages bloggers to share books checked out from the library. My loot for this week,


Marianne and the Masked Prince by Juliette Benzoni

This is the second book in Benzoni’s Marianne series and I can’t wait to dig into it. I found a jacket description but it spoils the surprise ending of the first book so I am not posting it here but I will give you this much of it;

So Marianne must once more venture into the unknown: to Italy and the magnificent villa of the Tuscan prince whose face no one has ever seen; a villa haunted by some strange,nameless evil…

The Passionate Brood by Margaret Campbell Barnes

The private lives of the Plantagenets, that ‘passionate brood’ who were the children of Henry the Second and Eleanor of Acquitaine, Richard and Johanna, Henry and John.

Flint by Margaret Redfern

Will and his brother Ned are commandeered into the army of ditch-diggers whose task it is to build the foundations for Edward I new castle at Flint. But the lads are nervous – and not just because they’re far from home. Ned is a mute whose affinity with horses and skills as a herbalist make him suspicious in the eyes of their English overseers. In addition, Ned has been tutored by the exiled Welsh bard Ieuan ap y Gof. An atmospheric and unusually affecting first novel rich in historical and cultural detail.

What books did you ‘loot’ this week?