I’ve never been one for a whole lot of bells, whistles, widgets and gidgets (outside of the fact that WP doesn’t support many of them :)) but I still wanted a background that said *me*. I’ve been experimenting with the WordPress themes (they are awesome) trying to find the one that suited me best, and I think I’ve finally found it. Nice and clean and I hope the font is easy on the eyes to read. It does have a black background option but I prefer the white and I’m calling this is a keeper (crosses fingers).  Opinions?

The photo at the top is one of my own and I thought I’d let you see what’s in the rest of the picture since I was forced to crop it for the header.

This was taken a few years ago from the very top of Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii. 13,000′ and there are tour companies that take you to the top to watch the sun set and then back down to 9,000′, bundle you up in fur parkas and gloves (trust me, you’ll need it) and gaze at the stars. My, oh my, you will not believe what you can see at those altitudes with no light pollution (which is why there are so many observatories at the top).  Here’s the tour company I chose and if you are on the island don’t pass it up – where else in the world can you go and play in the snow in the winter and drive back to 80 degrees and sun yourself at the beach? Not being able to look directly into the sun myself, I just hoped for the best when I pointed my camera at the setting sun since I wasn’t able to look at it and frame it myself. Lucky shot, no? Another favorite is the one below which is really the shadow of Mauna Kea reflected on the clouds below us.

Awesome stuff. An interesting bit of trivia from Wik on Mauna Kea’s height and one that set the boss-who-has-summited-Everest through the roof,

Mauna Kea stands 4,205 m (13,796 ft) above sea level, just 35 m (115 ft) higher than the nearby Mauna Loa. As such it is the highest point in Hawaii state. However, a significant part of the mountain is underwater, and if Mauna Kea is measured from its oceanic base, it is over 10,000 m (33,000 ft), significantly more than Mount Everest, the highest peak above sea level.

One parting shot from another tour I took while on the island and this one is from behind the waterfall,

So who’s ready to go? And just for fun, who can name me all of Hawaii’s Islands without cheating and looking them up?