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4.0 out of 5 starsThis book continues the story of Phillip Lovell begun in The White Boar (review here). After the battle at Bosworth field, Phillip escaped to Burgundy, married his old love and raised her son Simon – although Simon resents his step-father (there’s more to it than that but I won’t spoil). Years later, Phillip and Simon are drawn into Margaret of Burgundy’s plot to oust That Upstart Henry Tudor and put her *nephew* Richard, Duke of York (Perkin Warbeck) on England’s throne. Simon’s journey with Richard eventually takes them to Scotland as guests of King James and finally to that fatal landing in Cornwall and the failed march to London.

*Richard* is captured by Henry’s agent, the dastardly James Tyrell (who has quite a secret of his own), and taken to London. Simon, on the other hand, is in for a whole new set of adventures with plenty of twists and turns that eventually bring him full circle with Phillip, who is in the end faced with the most difficult decision of all – at what price does one sell loyalty and honor?

I really enjoyed this, although the dryer style of Palmer’s writing might not appeal to all readers.  But for fans of this period I’d recommend giving it a whirl.

FTC? Bought it used. The world is still safe.