…it was no strange accident that had brought her here: it was Analee’s destiny, woven before time in the stars perhaps, to enchant, to be enchanted.

 The Enchantress Saga is actually three books in one, and originally published under the author name of Katherine Yorke.Book #1, The Enchantress. Analee joins up with the Drivers, a gypsy clan who involve her in a little horse thieving – although it does introduce her to Jacobite supporter Brent Delamaine in a most unusual manner. Fearing the lusty embraces of  the head of the Driver clan, she flees with a group of young siblings who make their way as traveling musicians and dancers (and boy can our girl dance).  She meets up again with the handsome rogue Brent and well…let’s just say chemistry happens, but both of our lovers are in for quite a surprise when jealous Randal attacks Brent and that sets everyone on some very unexpected paths in life. Are Brent and Analee meant to find happiness in the end? Or does her destiny lie with another? Will she forever wander England barefoot, cold and hungry?

Book #2, Falcon Gold.  Analee and her husband, the powerful general known as The Falcon arrive in Paris. No surprise, but the beauteous Analee is the toast of the town and her husband’s jealously takes a very nasty turn. Now hating all things Hanoverian, Analee devotes herself to the cause of Bonnie Prince Charlie and that little romp in the hay is quite fruitful indeed. She eventually reconciles with her husband (why?) and they spend time in London where she’s once again much sought after by the men. The Falcon is enamored of the younger beauties and packs his wife off to her home at Derwentwater in the north (she actually prefers it). There’s a bit of a duel, some Jacobite intrigue and the mystery of her parentage is finally solved (figured that one out as soon as he landed in the story).

Book #3, Falcon Fury AKA The Lady of the Lakes. Honestly, I am not quite sure what happened in this one, outside of men lusting after Analee (when she’s not having another baby that is), The Falcon lusts after young nubile females (and bedding any he can get his hands on) as poor Brent pines away for his beloved enchantress – will they even find true happiness together?

As much as I wanted to love these books, my interest faded pretty quickly around the end of book one. I would have liked to see more Jacobite intrigue and less gypsy lore – the magic stuff and love spells wore very thin indeed, let alone Analee constantly reminding everyone (and I do mean everyone) of her gypsy heritage. Huge gripe – I really really did catch on how tacky and low class Ambrose was from his burping and but-scratching. I did not need to hear about him picking his nose, nor where it went afterwards. Really.

Not recommended.

Note: if you have issues with domestic violence in your books, this is very likely not the book for you.