3.0 out of 5 starsTamarisk’s mother Mavreen went to Russia in search of her lover Gerard de Valle (an officer in Napoleon’s army) and is feared dead. Never fear, it takes more than a Russian winter to stop our gal, like a cat she always lands on her feet. Mavreen arrives home and shocks Tamarisk to the core when Gerard is introduced not only as her mother’s intended, but that he’s her real father! You know that’s not going to go over well and since our heroine is fifteen you know that there’s going to be tons of teenage angst, right? Raise your hands if you were a perfect joy to your parents at that age, I dare ya.

Tamarisk thinks she’s in love with her mother’s former lover (who only loves Mavreen and is much too old for the daughter anyway), and she does really stupid things to get him to marry her that get her into really stupid situations. Again and again and again and again.

“It was pretty stupid of me, I know…”

Yes. It. Was.

As for Mavreen and Gerard and their own personal HEA after all those years of strum and drang and separation?

 “She would not spoil the harmony of the moment by reminding him that throughout those twenty-three years they had spent less than one month together; that if the truth were to be admitted, neither knew the other very well.”

Uh oh. Unfortunately I really can’t tell you a whole lot more than this as the finer details would spoil a lot of what happens in the first book in this trilogy, Mavreen (review here).  This was an OK read, Tamarisk just didn’t have the *verve* that her mother had and her little escapades got old real fast – let alone how she’s always able to get off on her own even when she’s being watched like a hawk. In some ways this felt like a *set-up* book for the last in the trilogy, Chantal, and from taking a peek at the cast of characters I think we might be in for quite a ride. Pirates. Ship wrecks. Evil slave traders. Gerard’s deliciously nasty natural son Antoine.  And just you wait until you see that cover…

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