3.0 out of 5 stars

Her fiancé killed in a duel, Anya Hamilton is content wallowing in her grief and running the family’s plantation. The man who killed Jean, Ravel Duralde, returns to New Orleans and promptly gets challenged to a duel when he *accosts* Anya at a masked ball. Desperate to prevent it so that her sister’s intended isn’t killed as well, Anya cooks up a hair-brained scheme to kidnap Ravel and hold him captive at the family plantation. Being a romance novel, you just know sparks are a-gonna start flying between the two, but things get complicated when it appears that someone wants one of them dead – or is the mysterious “boss” after both of them?

As much as I enjoyed Blake’s Love’s Wild Desire, this one didn’t work as well for me. The whole prisoner bit was a tad bit hard to swallow, as was Anya’s penchant for running out into the dark streets to strange houses inhabited by bad people, only for Ravel to rescue her so they can have hot sex. Wash, rinse, repeat. 😦

I liked the New Orleans setting, and I enjoyed the way Blake uses her knowledge of the city and its culture to immerse the reader into her world. Anya is definitely not a TSTL heroine, but you will want to strangle her at the way she keeps running walking into one dangerous situation after another. One big change between this one written in the 1980’s and LWD written in the 1970’s is the sex is a lot more prevalent and in your face than the earlier book. While still tame compared to what I’ve seen in some of today’s romances this is not the first time I’ve noticed this pattern with other authors who wrote in both those decades. This is a quick, easy read and should do nicely when one is in the mood for some brain candy or a beach read.

FTC? Library loot.