Basic setup: Lilia’s father dies unexpectedly without a will and everything goes to a distant cousin who isn’t interested in sharing the money with anyone. With no dowry and not willing to live penniless on another’s bounty, she convinces family servant Rob MacAllister to marry her and they head for the colonies to seek their fame and fortune. They purchase what they believe to be a large piece of land with a home along the Cape Fear river in North Carolina, but it isn’t quite as represented – all they find is a narrow strip of land hotly disputed between the two neighboring plantation owners.

Lilia and Rob aren’t willing to sell, even though their efforts at raising indigo have lackluster results. Tragedy strikes (doesn’t it always?) and Lilia’s left in quite a pickle and she uses her ownership of that land to blackmail wiggle her way into the *cough* loving arms of the Gordon family. Surprisingly to some, Lilia adapts well to her new home, but things are not smooth sailing between she and her new husband and misunderstandings and petty jealousies abound (oh boy, do the petty jealousies abound).

I’ve really enjoyed reading JYB’s books and have a few more on the pile, but this one just didn’t work well for me, especially the latter half. I love a bitch we love to hate as much as the next person, but Nichola was just too OTT and slutty to the point of straining credulity, and the big misunderstandings surrounding her wore very thin after a while. It was also unfortunate that the events leading up to and through the American Revolution mostly happened *off-screen* so the reader only hears about them second-hand, ending up with too much telling instead of showing. Bah. Not recommended.

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