“You will be a queen, but you will die uncrowned and unknown.”

Lionors is the daughter of the Earl of Santam, and as a young girl meets and falls in love with Arthur, the *ward* of Sir Ector. Years later during another visit, the now grown pair fall in love and hope to marry, but life kind of gets in the way when it is revealed that Arthur is the son of the now dead Uther Pendragon. The pair plight their troth, but years pass as Arthur is busy stabilizing his kingdom. Just when things are looking up he must make a marriage to secure the peace…and….I think you know where the rest of the story goes.

Not a bad idea basing your story around a very minor player in the Arthurian legends and one that most of us hadn’t heard of before, but unfortunately the execution falls flat. Since Lionors pretty much spends her entire life stuck in the country managing the family estate, her first person narrative gives the reader a whole lot of exposition as events are recounted in tedious detail.  Nor does the book bring anything fresh to the Arthurian legends, this is just one more rehash of the same old same old. The love story itself is OK, but this really feels more like a YA novel than one that would appeal to adults, and any sex is left to the reader’s imagination. I did spot a few anachronisms (velvet!!??), but I tend to be more forgiving with older books when information wasn’t exactly at our fingertips like it is today. If you have a young (very young) teen just looking to get their feet wet in this period the book might suit, but overwise I’d recommend giving it a pass.