Yes. They. Are. Or should I say at least one UBS is and this one is too damned close to home for comfort’s sake. Once Sold Tales (love that name!) is also an online seller, but when I found out they had opened up a shop for retail peeps like me I just couldn’t resist a closer look. I had lots of fun browsing, although the historicals are not separated from general fiction so you’re on your own hunting them down amidst the Steven Kings, Sidney Sheldens, etc. There were some interesting sightings of books I already owned that I passed on, including Karlen Koen’s Through a Glass Darkly and Now Face to Face (original hardbacks). Oh, and if there’s something in their online catalog you can just pick it up there – I nabbed one of the last few cheap copies of Lily Cigar (I know the library had it, but what if they purged the catalog and there were no more copies?).

What did I get this time around?

 (click on any cover for larger image, and you can find jacket blurbs on Goodreads)

A Roaring Wind was written by the same author who wrote The Travels of Jamie MacPheeters (a Pulitzer Prize winner) and sounds like a gas of an adventure set in old Montana. Can’t wait.

All in all a pretty decent haul and all for about $15 and change. Lily Cigar was from their online catalog so that was $3 or thereabouts and the rest was at the $1/lb rate – most of those hardback and a lot heavier (adding to my $1/lb rate). I already own an older copy of Legacy but it is in sad condition and with no cover so I couldn’t resist nabbing this copy. If you are planning a visit to the Seattle area and/or have along layover at SeaTac airport (the store is just down the hill from the airport) do try to find time to come and browse. It’s dangerous, but oh so much fun 🙂