Dog Tails is a trio of short stories inspired by the author’s own dogs. First up is Thank Dog It’s Friday as Lola the Pekingese wakes up and finds herself trapped inside her mom’s body – and mom is trapped in Lola’s.

“So I did the only thing I could do. I struggled to heft all of my bulk off the bed and stood on two legs. I was going to have to be human.”

In Pugnacious we see Pudgy the crime fighting Pug as he chases down the baddie and his side kick Rot Face the Rottweiler, although there are certain things in life that can distract even the most intrepid hero,

“I discovered that Rot Face’s person must not be such a bad guy after all. Any human that carries around a hot dog in his pants has got to be a good human being in my opinion.”

We’ll not discuss the baggy produced by the arresting officer, and Pudgy’s little misunderstanding over it. 😀

Last but not least is Tail of Terror, as the imperious and oh-so-royal Jazzy the Japanese Chin escapes her leash and has a bit too much adventure as she roams footloose and fancy free and even flirts with a randy German Shepherd,

“I was trying to control my rapid panting when I heard a fellow dog bark at me. Hey baby! Come on over here and give me a lick!”

Hope she got away in time…

These three short stories are fresh and fun, and the author does an excellent job of using the unique personalities of her beloved pets and putting them into an entertaining set of short stories. Nice job, even this cat lover loved it.

FTC disclosure: the author is a friend and fellow reader who sent me an early copy to read and offer opinions. There was no expectation of a review, and the choice to post a review is mine, and mine alone.