“The lace alone on the numerous nightgowns, peignoirs, wrappers, bed jackets, and petticoats was probably worth more than diamonds, as all of it was handmade, some of it worn by the French queen who had had her head cut off.”

The American Heiress is Cora Cash, pampered daughter of the oh-so-filthy-rich Cashes. Cora secretly dreams of a romance with Teddy Van Der Leyden of the Van Der Leydens (old money you know), but that’s not to be as her parents whisk her off to England and the hunt for a titled Englishman in need of some ready cash is on and boy does Cora land herself a big one – a duke! Life as a duchess isn’t all a bed of roses though as Ivo comes with a lot of baggage from his past, let alone learning how one must behave when one is a duchess, both in society and in front of the servants (they see and know everything).

“…she had told her that she could buy Cora pretty much any husband she chose within the ranks of the British aristocracy except for a royal one. If she wanted a prince she would have to go to Europe where you could find royal titles by the score.”

This was a quick easy read and I most definitely enjoyed reading about the ever-so-decadent life of The Gilded Age, plus the ins and outs of life among England’s upper crust (and the servants, who have a whole social tier of their own). I didn’t warm up to Cora or Ivo’s characters as much as I’d have liked to, they just were a bit too shallow and vapid for my tastes, I’d have preferred them with a bit more badness and self-centered greed or with a bigger sprinkle of true love and compassion (lightly sprinkle on that sugar, though).

All in all a good read, just not a great one and perfect for the beach or when you’re in the mood for something on the *lite side*. 3.5/5 stars.  My copy courtesy of Amazon Vine.