Trevor Christian Caldwell had a flashing dark green gaze that held a subtle hint of seductive promise, a great deal of smoldering warmth, and more than a trace of rich humor. When the earl looked upon a young lady, she always had the flattering impression that the entire world had fallen away, and that, for a moment, nobody else mattered to him.”

Oh, but Trevor hasn’t met Grace Ackerly, who is determined at all costs to remain an old maid (why?). Trevor sees Grace’s portrait and is in immediate lust love with Grace, and even more so when he meets the real deal. Thinking to escape Trevor’s advances, she flees life in the country with her large passel of sisters and joins her aunt in London for “the season”. I know Grace’s reasoning makes no sense, but this is what she does.

No surprise, but Trevor soon shows up anywhere Grace is – he claims a waltz or two from our unmarried miss (!!!), takes her on a carriage ride alone without a chaperone and there’s even a dumber-than-a-bucket-of-rocks scheme to sneak her out in the middle of the night, dress her up as a man and join a card game with his friends.

No, I am not kidding.

To be honest, I am not fond of Regencies and they all seem to be made of the same cloth – womanizing rake finally meets the much-too-independent woman of his dreams, falls head over heels in love and is ready to marry and have a passel of kiddos just like that. That said, I think even die-hard Regency fans would have issues with this one, as it is merely a wall paper romance with overblown descriptions of pretty dresses, heaving bosoms and rigid evidences of Trevor’s arousal 😉

The big misunderstanding is stupid and forced and Trevor turns into the biggest jerk that ever walked the face of the earth. Grace is much too modern and better suited for a contemporary romance than a regency (although I still think I’d dislike her). There’s a bit of a twist with a bad guy with evil designs stalking Grace, but you will guess who it is lickety split and isn’t of much use plot-wise except for the tidy wrap up at the end. I could say more, but I have better things to do today so I’ll just leave you with a few quotes so you can decide for yourself.

A blue satin sash wrapped around the high waistline and tied in an enormous bow that peeked jauntily out from behind her back and exactly matched the wide ribbon running through her short auburn curls. The perky ribbon looked entirely out of place tied in a fat bow above the gamine face dominated by those huge pansy-blue eyes.”

“With a strength he did not know he possessed, he dragged his mouth from hers, flinching at her unintentional soft whimper of denial, and stared, sightless, over the top of her head, his mind fighting to command his thundering need.”

“Her nipples rose proudly, blushing pink on small breasts shaped to perfectly fit his cupped hand, begging without shame for his kiss.”

“The ripe, enticing mound was suddenly exposed to his hungry gaze, her small, rosy nipple jutting proudly up into the midmorning air. Reverently he cupped her soft fullness in his hand, and then bent his head to suckle the offered tidbit.”

Thank goodness it was free. Mr. Kindle may never recover though.