Yes, you read correctly, this is not a review of the Daisy Goodwin book, but an older one with the same name, but a bit of a different twist to it.

Harriet (Hetty) Brown is maid to heiress Clemency Millicent Jervis, although there’s a bit more to the relationship between the pair – they look enough alike to pass as sisters (well, they are half sisters, but that would take too long to explain). Clemency’s family has bartered her off with a generous dowry in trade for an Englishman with a title,

He was willing to give a pretty American girl a title, which naturally she would adore, a wedding in St. Margaret’s, Westminster, and the chance to show off a wantonly expensive trousseau to London society, in return for a plump injection into his bank account.”

The voyage to meet her groom hits a snag when the Germans sink the Lusitania,and Hetty is the only one of the three to survive (or is she?). Since the authorities have mistakenly identified her as Clemency, why shouldn’t she just step into her *sister’s* shoes and become Lady Hazzard? It shouldn’t be that difficult should it? It all seems so simple at first…

“Nothing was safe. Nothing. But at this point there was no turning back.”

Nope there’s no turning back, but you’ll have to read it for yourself to see if Hetty pulls it off, let alone gets a happy ending. This was a solid, well written tale, with plenty of twists, turns and surprise developments to keep you guessing until the end (loved the epilogue!). I found Hetty’s deception and subsequent complications believable and thumbs up to the author for including some of the smaller difficulties, i.e. having to make her handwriting the same as Clemency’s. This is the second book by Eden I’ve read and it won’t be the last – and it looks like the library has plenty more to choose from. 4/5 stars.