Recently divorced and at loose ends in life, Eva Ward accepts the task of scattering her dead sister’s ashes at their childhood home in Cornwall. Eva settles in for a long stay at Trelowarth house, but in true Kearsley fashion things start going bump in the night – and Eva is walking a path in the present one moment and the is next she’s stepped into the past – 1715 to be exact. She’s soon involved up to her neck with brothers Daniel and Jack Butler, Both smugglers like any good Cornishman, but they’re also plotting with the Jacobites and things get a bit complicated at times…

“It was not the best of places I could be.”

So as not to spoil I won’t reveal anymore, but fans of Kearsley should enjoy this a lot. This was a nice blend of time travel, romance, mystery and political intrigues. The time travel is handled nicely and is believable, although there was an unexpected twist at the end that took me by surprise – not 100% sure if I bought into that one. I liked watching the relationship grow between Eva and Daniel, but at the same time I didn’t find as much sizzle off the page chemistry I’d normally like to see. This is a book best to cuddle up with on a quiet weekend alone, and I mistakenly read it mid-week when my concentration wasn’t at its best. My bad. Kearsley fans will love this to bits, but while I enjoyed this it wasn’t quite up to par with The Winter Sea. 4/5 stars.

Many thanks to Sourcebooks for an advance copy.