Like I didn’t have enough to read I go and do this to myself. First up was a visit to my local library FOL sale a couple of weekends ago. All books $.50 until Sunday when it was stuff as many as you could in a plastic grocery bag for $3. All told I popped just under $10 for all of this (click for larger image):

That edition of Anya Seton’s Katherine in the pile is dated 1954. I scored a bunch of Jennifer Blake and Laurie McBain romances, as well as four of Patricia Hagen’s Coltrane series (some friends at Goodreads have started these and loving them for the most part).

Soooooo, if that wasn’t enough I had a lunch date with a bookish blogger friend and I was foolish enough to Google used book stores in the area and found one neither of us had heard of before and no surprise we had to check it out for ourselves. The prices weren’t all dirt cheap, but we had some interesting finds including a bunch of the Angelique books and some HTF Plaidy paperbacks. Here’s what I nabbed:

The edition of The Sheik by E.M. Hull you see there has an inscription of Xmas 1926 on the inside so it’s an oldie. The Costain at the very top is about Napoleon in exile and it is a-calling me to be read and very very soon. As much as we took away, there were a lot more treasures left behind: The Windhaven saga, Roberta Gellis’ Roselynde series (although you would have had a mis-matched set). Shelves and shelves of old Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys. This place is a must for book nuts, and you can see an old video of the shop and the owner here on C-Span. And don’t worry, there’s plenty of free parking. What are you waiting for?