4.0 out of 5 starsFortune’s Son is a follow-up to Lee’s first novel, The Highest Stakes. The prologue begins with the ramifications to Philip Drake after his high stakes wager with you-know-who at the end of the first book, and then back tracks to Philip at age twenty, a wastrel second son of the Earl of Hastings. His luck with the dice fail him one night and facing exposure for…umm…improving his odds he’s saved in the nick of time by Susannah, Lady Messingham. Susannah (Sukey) is recently widowed and short of funds and needs a man like Philip to teach her the ins and outs of gambling – a match made in heaven especially since she can lead Philip by the nose.

Or can she?

Philip and Sukey partner up to spin the wheel of fortune and the sexual sparks are flying fast and furious. There are plenty of ups and downs, great gains along with devastating losses, a duel and more until the story switches back to 1751 where we find Philip’s back to the wall and he’s forced to pay the piper for the errant deeds of his youth.

This was really a lot of fun, the story picks up from the get go and never lets up. Those of you who have read The Highest Stakes probably hated Philip as much as I did, but hats off to Emery Lee for fleshing him out and letting us see the bounder man behind the mask, as well as a huge thanks for giving us more than just another romance – a whole lot more. This story should suit lovers of romance, as well as those who need a healthy dose of history along with the romance – and attention Publishers there are a lot of readers who expect more than just another wall-paper historical. Kudos to Emery Lee for writing them. I want more!

**Review copy provided by publisher, thank you.