Meghann McCarthy was orphaned in 1968 during riots in Belfast, and was taken in and raised by the Devlin family. Meghann had always loved Michael Devlin (and boy, did he love her), but she didn’t love his sympathies with the Irish Republican Army. Meghann got herself out of Belfast, obtained a law degree and a job in a prestigious London firm, and eventually married one of the older partners. Now widowed and at the height of her career, she receives a call from her foster-mother Annie Devlin – Michael has been accused of collaborating with the IRA and murdering a candidate for public office. It looks like he’s on the fast track for a conviction without much of a trial, but Meghann just might have the legal clout to do a few things about that – or can she? And what about those long-buried feelings the two have for each other? And what of these dreams and visitations Meghann is having from Nuala O’Donnell? Can Meghann reconnect with her Irish heritage by reliving Nuala’s history in 16C Ireland?

Sorry, but you will just have to read it for yourself to find out. I really enjoyed this a lot, and while I did find the 16C history interesting (had never heard of the Flight of the Earls), I was more interested in the 1994 storyline and the political situation in Belfast (not a pleasant one). There are some disturbing things that happen in both the past and the present story, as well as the…ahem…heated feelings between the Catholics, the Protestants and the British government, and might not appeal to those looking for a lighter read. Thumbs up to the author note’s at the end letting us know what really happened, who was real, etc. There is also a glossary of sorts at the end for those not familiar with the slang of Northern Ireland. It would have been helpful to have known about while I was reading instead of finding it at the end…

Review copy obtained via Net Galley, and another big thumbs up to Sourcebooks for finding these older books and breathing new life into them. Could you please consider Zemindar by Valerie Fitzgerald? Pretty please?