Lydia Trent is at first thrilled to find herself engaged to Marcus, Lord Russell, and they share some hot and heavy breathing on the night of their engagement, but then he high tails it off to work overseas. One year becomes two, then three and finally it’s been six years and Lady Lydia wants to void the marriage contract, dump her fiancé and move on with life – but Marcus isn’t about to let go.

If I am freed, my life will become a purgatory of simpering debutantes.”

That sounds like a fate worse than death. Marcus returns home to claim his bride, but Lydia isn’t too willing and he determines to seduce her into acceptance – and if that doesn’t work he’ll ruin her!

Full disclosure, erotica is not a genre I’ve read and while I knew full well going into this what to expect I wasn’t sure if I’d like it or not, but I was pleasantly surprised. First off we get a Georgian setting instead of the ubiquitous Regency (they are so old). Second, we get a story with characters that are not just wall-paper window dressing. Third, we get a heroine that not only isn’t TSTL (too stupid to live), she’s not one with 21C morals and mindsets. Thank you Ms. Vane for not insulting the reader’s intelligence.

All in all, this novella was a quick, entertaining and seriously steamy read. I hope to see more from Ms. Vane in the future. 4/5 stars.

FTC disclosure, a copy obtained via Kindle loan.