This is at heart a very simple story, and the product blurb describes it to a “T”, so I’m just here to drop some hints and talk about the reading experience. Carl Stanton is sick and stuck at home while his *loving* fiancé is off gallivanting around having a gay old-time in Florida. Bored and lonely, Carl comes across a flyer for The Serial Letter Company and he signs on for the full treatment,

For the enclosed check—which you will notice doubles the amount of your advertised price—kindly enter my name for a six weeks’ special ‘edition deluxe’ subscription to one of your love letter serials. (Any old ardor that comes most convenient.) Approximate age of victim: 32. Business status: rubber broker. Prevalent tastes: To be able to sit up and eat and drink and smoke and go to the office the way other fellows do. Nature of illness: The meanest kind of rheumatism. Kindly deliver said letters as early and often as possible!

I won’t spoil, but let’s just say that Molly’s letters and surprise gifts are a delight and Carl finds himself falling in love with a woman who may or may not exist.

More and more Molly’s whimsical messages fed him and nourished him and joyously pleased him like some nonsensical fashioned candy box that yet proved brimming full of real food for a real man.

“Oh, Glory! Glory!” he said. “Think what it would mean if all that wonderful imagination were turned loose upon just one fellow! Even if she didn’t love you, think how she’d play the game! And if she did love you—Oh, lordy, Lordy! LORDY!”

I loved every minute of this. This book was a charmer from beginning to end, with lots of fun surprises along the way. This is a book guaranteed to bring on a smile or two (careful if you’re reading in public, you might get some odd looks), and will brighten up a gloomy winter day. Published in 1910 and in the public domain, this book has been spiffed up and given new life and a gorgeous new cover by the ladies at the Legacy Vintage Collection and do go and read more about them at their blog, The Vintage Reader.

FTC, an Amazon Verified Purchase.