“The storms within us are oftentimes more tempestuous than the storms at sea.”

Antwerp, 1904. The SS Kroonland is preparing to sail for Ellis Island when a woman clad in a white ball gown and diamond earrings arrives at the gangplank and walks on board. She has no money, no luggage, no identification and no ticket. What events could drive a woman to just walk away from a comfortable life with nothing but  the clothes on her back? And what of  her fellow passengers on the SS Kroonland? Might they have a ghost or two in their own past lives that need to be exorcised?

That’s pretty much all you need to know, this is one of those get a bunch of strangers into a room together and watch all the layers of their past lives slowly peel away, forever changing them and sending them into new, uncharted territory. The author based her story on a real woman in white who stowed away on the SS Kroonland, but her characters are completely fictional. There are a lot of POV switches and flashbacks, and while I thought they worked well in this story, I suspect some readers might be driven to distraction by them. I’d also have liked to see more character development and emotional connections, but despite those quibbles it was a satisfying read overall. 3.5/5 stars.

Reviewed for Amazon Vine.