Emilia Cavendish is desperate to escape the henchman trying to kidnap her for the evil baddie who wants to keep her for his very own love toy. She just happens to have a ticket for the one of the most elegant staterooms on board the Titanic and she can travel in luxury and safety to her godmother in Ireland. Things don’t go very smoothly because:

1) Of course the evil henchman finds his way on board so he can continue stalking Emilia.

2) The ever-so-drop-dead-gorgeous-self-made millionaire Carl Latimer wants Emilia to swap rooms with his ailing mother (don’t ask me to explain it) and he’s in her face offering any sum for her to agree to a swap. Of course you know that Emilia’s pluck and beauty will intrigue Carl, but then a little iceberg kind of gets in the way of true love…

Overall I found this to be a light, easy read and one that kept me turning the pages despite the somewhat predictable nature of the storyline. I liked the two main characters, but at the same time I wasn’t fully engaged in their storyline, nor did I feel any real terror during the sinking and aftermath. And then there are those oh-so-forced plot devices. Emilia’s poor godmother has a rich friend who just happens to have an unneeded ticket on the Titanic, just so’s we can get our poor but well-bred heroine into first class. Why she’s such a hot-babe that the baddie would go to such extreme efforts to get her back. Carl’s mother’s instant return to robust health after a few words from Emilia. Carl’s mother just happens to have bought a Worth gown too small for the person the gift was intended for, but a perfect fit for Emilia (natch). More evil baddies to plotting after the shipwreck (come on, that was ridiculous!). And then there are the typos. I suspect they came about during the conversion to e-book, but you would think someone would have gone through and proofread it afterwards. A few examples, but there are many more:

but their fortunes had suffer a reverse in recent times.”

“she could not disguise form herself”

“even thought”

“and water was creping up the deck”

I obtained this as a freebie so the typos are more quibbles or giggles, but if I’d paid full price I’d likely be a tad bit upset. A good story, but nothing original or earth shattering. Perfect when you’re in the mood for some lighter reading. 3/5 stars.