From the synopsis:

“At the age of nine, George Amberson Minafer, the Major’s one grandchild, was a princely terror…”

Georgie Amberson Minafer, the spoiled only grandchild of a wealthy Midwest family, is alternately loathed and revered by nearly everyone in town. His beautiful face and privileged upbringing create an image that is difficult for people to resist, particularly people who are used to watching everything the Amberson family says and does. When Lucy Morgan arrives in town and enters the story, she too is captured by the magnificence of the Amberson family, and particularly by Georgie. But little do Georgie and Lucy know that their parents were also once in love.

The Magnificent Ambersons is a story of unfulfilled love and the redemption of the human soul told against the backdrop of a changing world, a world in which old money and family prestige is rapidly being taken over by progress and industrialization. Written in 1918 and winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 1919, The Magnificent Ambersons still delivers a relative tale for today’s audience that is facing a whole new set of socioeconomic pressures in an ever-changing world.”


My review:

Wow, just wow. This is what writing is supposed to be, although I’m having a terrible time putting my feelings into words. I loved the way the author used spoiled, self-centered George to show the reader the changes brought about by modern inventions and industrial growth, instead of telling us about these changes. How refreshing. I did like George a lot, but there were things he did to try to stop those changes in his life, to the point of alienating those he loved most, things that just make you beg for comeuppance day – but when that comes – oh sniff.

Does he get a happy ending? No, I’m not telling but I loved it.

Her eyes would look wistful no more.

Have some tissue handy. Booth Tarkington is an author I somehow missed in my school years, and only stumbled upon him whilst shopping the free classics on Amazon last year where it languished with all those other classics I’d downloaded, but thumbs up to the hardworking ladies at Legacy Romance for hunting down these older classics, spiffing them up and giving them a new lease on life in the digital world. I very much appreciated the addition of a write-up on the author, a glossary of terms used in the book and the period images at the end. My copy did have a few formatting errors, but I’ve been told those are being corrected for the final copy. Five big stars for this one – don’t miss it.

The Magnificent Ambersons is on sale in April in honor of the blog tour, and you can purchase it at the Facebook store for a whopping 99 cents. A bargain IMHO.

The Magnificent Ambersons is on tour this month (I’m one of the last stops), but check out the tour schedule for other reviews and giveaways:

Advance copy provided by Legacy Romance, thank you.