Nebraska, 1889, where things are getting a bit heated between the sheepherders and the cattlemen – and Deborah Dexter and her mother find themselves smack in the middle of it when they give aid to a Basque sheepherder. They head west with friends and finally settle at Bonanza City, a remote mining town in Idaho. Deborah’s mother eventually accepts a marriage offer from a senior LDS bishop (she’s not wife #1), and with the support her new stepfather, Deborah obtains a business degree from the University of Utah and returns to Idaho set on righting the world’s wrongs and catching the baddies who are cheating the Basque sheepherders with the support of the dirty politicians in the state capital.

That’s pretty much the main gist of the storyline, and a pretty solid read for me. The author did a nice job throwing in real historical events and people, and lots of new-to-me factoids (always a plus). Along with the Basque sheepherders (who I understand are still a strong presence in Idaho today), Brundy also tossed in the mining influence, the LDS (don’t worry, it’s not preachy), and last but not least – all that timber. 4/5 stars, recommended for those with an interest in Idaho history.