About me

***Please note: I am overwhelmed at the moment with owned books I want to read and am not accepting advanced copies. ***

After finishing up at the day job I like nothing better than to settle down into my favorite chair with a book and the cat and immerse myself in the past – and I prefer my books meaty and well-written as opposed to the Barbie doll dress up variety, although been known to pick up a romance for the brain candy moments. I’ve been reviewing on Amazon for several years and started blogging for fun and to share my love of books with others.

I get most of my books from the library with the occasional ARC from Amazon Vine. I know most people shy from writing critical reviews and maintain the old adage “if you can’t say something nice….” but after making the mistake of reading Pillars of the Earth based on all those glowing reviews I discovered that if I had looked at those one and two star reviews I would have thought twice before wasting time and money. Not every book is for every person – even with those I have very similar reading tastes.

As for why I use a moniker and not my real name? Well, I am a private person with a private life that has nothing to do with book reviews and Amazon.  For those who seem to think that not signing off with my real name somehow invalidates my reviews, well I have only two words for you – Harriet Klausner.  There’s a reviewer using her real name that one can rely on (not).

And no, I am not a frustrated author wanna-be. I have no desire to write a book, nor do I have the time. I am sooooooo tired of hearing that everytime an author is unhappy about a critical review.  Just like actors, screenwriters, etc. once your work is out there it belongs to the public and we have a right to express our honest opinions.  Grow up and and get over it already. Please.

email, misfitandmom at comcast dot net