****If you haven’t read The Bronze Horseman you might not want to read further****More than that, I am not willing to tell as I’d be giving away the whole plot, I am not into spoilers. Both our lovers are heartbreaking as they pine for one another and their lost love, and Simons does keep you sitting on the edge of your seat until the very end wondering if you’re going to get a HEA after all (story continued in book #3, The Summer Garden). The good – the scenes at the front lines and the prison camps were chilling – most especially when Alexander’s troops came across one of Hitler’s concentration camps and realized what had really happened there.

The not so good – for some unknown reason Simons felt the need to flashback and rehash Tatiana and Alexander’s entire relationship, albeit this time from Alexander’s POV (Editor, wherefore art thou?). While one does gain some additional background aspect seeing their romance from Alexander’s eyes, it really does not add to the story line at all and one could easily skim quickly past those 100 or so pages – especially if you picked up book two right after finishing the first. Despite its flaws, it was a very enjoyable read and as in the first I had a hard time putting it down. A shaky (almost gave it three) 4/5 stars.

Published in the UK as Bridge to Holy Cross, this book takes up Tatiana and Alexander’s story where the first one left off. Alexander is presumed dead in Russia while a pregnant Tatiana was able to escape to sanctuary United States as WWII rages around them. As Tatiana builds herself a new life as a nurse and raises her son, the not-so-dead Alexander finds himself at the very front of the lines commanding a unit of convicted prisoners. The author also goes into background detail of Alexander’s parents and how they came to live in Russia, their lives there as communists and their subsequent imprisonment and death. Tatiana eventually comes across a couple of clues left by Alexander and sets her on a dangerous path through enemy territory that….