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Told in a journalist style, as if the author is a reporter conducting interviews with our beloved Liverpudlians and covers their story from the early days, the glory days and the final breakup. The catch here is that these Beatles are zombies, except for Ringo who is a Ninja Lord, Mick Jagger is a zombie hunter and heaven only knows what creature is hiding behind Roy Orbison’s sunglasses (that was funny).

A clever concept, and the author manages to fit known Beatles history into his world of zombies and there are definitely some funny moments,

John said, “It’s not you zombies Mick. It’s us zombies. Us zombies. You are we and we are us and we are all together.”

 “And when a Liverpool processor’s systems is flooded with adrenaline, the genitalia is the most affected are of the body. I could go on endlessly about my scientific theory of the reaction, but, to make a long story short, when a Liverpool zombie gets overly excited, his franks and beans fall off.”

And you’ll have to read further to see how they cleaned that up. Yes, it’s funny but eventually the gags started wearing a bit thin, although Yoko Ono was a bit entertaining. I was under the wire to get this returned to the library and rushed the latter half instead of reading a bit at a time and that might be the cause of my not rating it higher. I hear the CD version is well done, and that might be a better option than book form, but then you won’t get the *cough* lovely zombie drawings I got.

Still, it was fun flashing back and there were bits of Beatles history I didn’t know, especially the infamous “Butcher Cover” that was a perfect foil for Goldsher’s zombie Beatles. I am not going to post the image, but if you must (be warned it is a bit shocking) you can see it in all its glory here. Beatles fans will definitely get a good chuckle or two, but for those who don’t know all the history I suspect a lot of the jokes will fall flat. 3.5/5 stars.

FTC, why I got it from the library.