I just love the Friends of Library sales, such a cheap way to feed my never-ending book lust. The problem is, they can be so crowded with not much room to really look a book over, so I end up just snatching up anything with historical eye-candy covers and hope for the best. Here’s the latest batch, all picked up for a whopping $3.


Charles Burton Irwin. An American legend. He was a leader of men and a lover of adventure. With his wife and children at his side, he grabbed hold of the reins of change and rode the wild American West into a new frontier – the twentieth century.

From the wagon trains and cattle drives of the old West, to the birth of the railroads, he shaped America’s destiny in the dawn of a new age.

This long-awaited monumental saga from the bestselling author of SACAJAWEA was years in the writing. PRAIRIE. A vivid portrait of the spirit and passions of a bold new land – and the of the man who embodied its shining future.

This is a major door-stopper, the trade paperback weighs in around 700 pages.

MOTHERS When the century was as young as their love, Carlotta and Sharif left their aristocratic homes for a lover’s exile – and a struggle for survival – amid the elegance of Old New York.
AND Their beautiful, fierce-willed child, Alicia, poured her heart into the Principessa Gallery, her parent’s legacy. Everything she touched turned to gold…except the passionate love she craved, hidden away in the soulless marriage.
DAUGHTERS Her own children carried on the quest. Elegant, Golden-haired Sally, searching for happiness with the “perfect” husband. And strong-willed Jenny – for too long she buried her dreams in a safe marriage, while her heart cried out for so.

Big fat family saga, or glitter trash? Time will tell.

Even from the ruins of a tragic moment, Juliette Peridot would emerge a beautiful young woman with a spirit that could not be defeated by either the harshness of the New Zealand wilderness or the cruelty of those who would betray her.

Pursued by shameful secrets of forbidden love and violent revenge, she struggled for a dream her heart refused to surrender…until fiery passions so long denied exploded in a triumphant moment of truth and love.

Oooh, New Zealand. From one review at Goodreads it appears it’s the first in a trilogy. I need another series like I need another hole in my head.

Hannah Blau, the midwife, fought savage religious prejudice to gain medical training in Moscow’s legendary Imperial College. She fought her own doubts and fears as she plunged into a forbidden love affair and an even more hazard-filled marriage. She fought the awesome odds facing a Jewish immigrant and the bitter hostility of male doctors in turn-of-the-century New York. She fought for her burning dreams and desires. She fought and she won.


Her handsome, laughing cousin Adam gave young Delie Gordon her first taste of love–its soaring happiness, its heartbreaking pain.

Virile, self-confident riverboat captain Brenton Edwards showed Delie her weakness in the face of a man’s overwhelming passion–but though he made her his wife, he could not enslave her proud and defiant spirit.

Wealthy and elegant Alastair Raeburn taught Delie how sweet forbidden ecstasy could be–and how high its ultimate price.

Here is a spellbinding story of a beautiful and vital woman–the man she loved, the children she bore, the dreams she followed, and the destiny she found. Here, set against the lush, wild countryside and winding rivers of Victorian Australia, is a saga that surges over eight dramatic decades and four generations.

I love those big fat multi-generational sagas. Last, but not least, here’s the one that’s really a-calling me and there may be a sequel as well.


Raised in the tender warmth of a wealthy New York family, Regina had everything a young woman could desire – beauty, charm, intelligence. And in the triumphant days of America following the first world war, she sailed through her enchanted youth like a princess. Until Jerold. Until her carefree world was shattered by a love that flowered in secret, a love hidden from the family’s prying eyes. A passion that her own heritage demanded she deny…

Fleeing to the cosmopolitan world of Paris in the Twenties, Regina struggled to ease her heart’s pain in the arms of an older, wiser man. Together they would create a family and build a fabulous business empire. Yet through it all, through births and deaths, tragedies and triumphs, Regina will be haunted by the memory of Jerold’s burning touch. And soon, she must summon the courage to defy tradition. The free herself forever of…Family Ties.

Now to stay on track with the Mt. TBR challenge and just read pre-2012 purchases…