There’s not much recap needed for this book, by this time I suspect the entire English-speaking world knows about these books. Mousy Ana Steele meets über rich but oh-so-emotionally disturbed Christian Grey. In this book, Ana settles into her new job at a Seattle publishing house and life without Christian (hah – you know that won’t last long). Our pair of *lovebirds* continue to deal with Christian’s dark past, one of his former subs in his games of BDSM, and the woman who made him what he is today (Mrs. Robinson Ana calls her). Will Ana and Christian be able to break through his tortured soul and heal him? Or will they just continue for another 400 or so pages of horizontal hurdy gurdy? Does anyone really care?

Not me, I was just too curious to see what all the hoopla was about and hate to say it, but I still don’t get it. While the writing and storyline is somewhat improved in book two, the repetitiveness still reigns supreme. I am very weary of smirks, rolling eyes, flushing and blushing and inner goddesses (kill her, please). I am so shell-shocked from the constant sex that any other book is going to be tame by comparison (you don’t want to hear about the butt drawer). By my tally, they’ve not only done it in the bedroom, but in the elevator, on the pool table, on the grand piano, on the table in the foyer along a round of digital pleasuring in a crowded elevator in the Columbia Tower. Gah, less is more.

Then we come once again to the Seattle setting, a setting that isn’t always based on reality. You would think that once you’ve got the contract from the big publishing house you could afford an editor, but no…

This review is getting long enough so this Seattle native will just name a few pet peeves.

Seattle and my stomach drop away from us, and there’s so
much to see. “We’ve chased the dawn, Anastasia, now the dusk…

The time setting is early to mid June. Christian has picked her up around 5:45 PM for a 7:30 PM show in Portland. The sun sets around 9PM at this time of year, but we get this when they land in Portland,

It’s a clear, crisp evening, and the lights of Portland twinkle and wink…

Kind of hard to see lights twinkling when it is broad daylight and all.

Placing his hands snugly over mine, he continues to steer
our course out of the marina, and within a few minutes we are out on the open sea, the cold blue waters of Puget Sound. Away from the shelter of the marina’s protective wall, the wind is stronger, and the sea pitches and rolls beneath us.

This is the Puget Sound. This is not the open sea. And don’t get me started on taking an entire afternoon to sail to Bainbridge Island and back. Even with a long stop for another round of hot sex, it doesn’t take that long. The ferry would have been faster :/

I’ve always wanted to live on the coast. I sail up and down the Sound coveting these houses.

Read my lips. The Puget Sound is not the coast. And would someone please tell me who in the USA thinks of mac and cheese as “nursery food?” Honestly, I don’t know why the author just didn’t take her version of Twilight and stick them in London or somewhere closer to home.

I guess if you like a thin plot, mixed signals (is beating a woman with a ruler good or bad?), repetitive writing, sex at the drop of a hat with no romance, these books might suit – but I’m still scratching my head trying to understand why they’re so popular. I am going to tackle book three, and thank goodness the first of it is set in Europe. If James messes that up, I’ll never know, although there was a huge gaffe over what airport they used to board the private jet out of Seattle 😀